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Paperclip is a team effort. 


Keeping it all together. All any parent could ask for, right? That's why the team at Paperclip creates and innovates products that help you do just that.

The paperclip is also considered a symbol of solidarity and unity, so how could a company whose core products, created by two best friends and loving fathers, designed to keep fellow parents confident, not be called Paperclip?

Co-founder, AJ, is an accomplished actor currently starring in the CBS mega-hit, SEAL TEAM alongside David Boreanaz, and, longtime friend, Max Thieriot. He’s one of the hardest working people you’ll meet, who finds time to balance traveling all over the world to film and spending every free moment with Abby and their three children, Willow, Ranger,
and Bodhi.

AJ has made many appearances on high profile shows over the past few years including Supernatural, Murder in The First, the Netflix original series Narcos, and FX's drama series Justified. He also voiced a lead role, alongside Sam Elliot and Anna Paquin, as “Nash”, the T-Rex, in Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.

AJ is also very active when it comes to helping others and has spearheaded many charitable efforts for veterans. Most recently, he rallied his celebrity friends around a young, autistic boy named Rayden who was a victim of bullying at his school. AJ flew his entire family from Ohio to Los Angles for the week of fun that included a celebrity meet up at the house and a trip to Disneyland.

Like AJ, Co-founder and CEO, Artie Baxter, is a working actor, but spends most of his time growing Paperclip. After graduating from ASU where he played Division I football, he moved to Los Angeles to follow his passion for acting. His success in the entertainment industry opened up several opportunities in real estate, restaurants, and e-commerce. Artie is a highly respected entrepreneur, friend, and husband, but above all else, he is a deeply devoted father to his wife Sara and sons Bear and Wolf.


Artie has led the charge for Paperclip to start making products using recycled materials, including plastics pulled from waterways around the world. He recently traveled to Indonesia, generally considered ground zero of the ocean plastic problem, to see the issue first-hand. After seeing the amount of plastic being put in, and pulled out or our landfills and oceans, he called AJ and they both knew this was a no-brainer.

Co-founders, Artie Baxter and AJ Buckley

AJ and Artie would be the first to tell you that none of this would be possible without the help and knowledge from the two other partners, their wives, Abby and Sara.


Abby brings first-hand knowledge, not only as a mom taking care of three kids, but as a successful mom and lifestyle influencer gathering and offering helpful advice, to and from almost 150K loyal followers every day.


Sara is a successful event planner, creating amazing spaces for massive trade shows around the world, including two for Paperclip in Las Vegas to Cologne.


Both Abby and Sara have played integral roles in the development of upcoming products.


And, of course, the inspiration, and reason that Paperclip exists: the kids. Willow, Ranger and, Bodhi Buckley and Wolf and Bear Baxter. We think of them as our core R & D team.

Team Paperclip, Wolf, Sara, Willow, Ranger, Abby, Bear, and Bodhi
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