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A little background on the brand, our founders and their idea for a game-changing diaper bag and commitment to sustainability. 

It was late 2015 when co-founder, AJ Buckley, took his 4-month old daughter to lunch with some friends. The trouble began 10 minutes from the restaurant. A familiar baby odor emanating from the back seat told AJ that he needed to get the nearest restroom — and fast. 


​Rushing through the door and straight to the restroom, AJ was devastated to find that there was no changing station. Yikes. He peeked out and asked the hostess if there was one in the other restroom, and there was not. Never one to panic, AJ removed his t-shirt, laid it across the counter, and went to work.

Frustrated and shocked at there being no public changing station available, AJ had a thought. After quickly sketching out his idea on a napkin, he immediately called his best friend and fellow dad, Artie Baxter, and told him what had happened and what he was thinking. Artie shared his frustrations on the topic and was super excited about the idea. 


The two of them got to work, and 18 months later, the first Paperclip diaper bag, complete with its now-iconic, integrated changing station, went to work.

In late 2019 through mid-2020, you will see more Paperclip products available than ever before, including multiple new bag styles, brand new colors, lunchboxes, bottle carriers, and more. 

And now, all Paperclip products will be entirely, or partially, made using recycled plastics at our bluesign®-certified manufacturer. Our goal is to be using 100% recycled plastic fabrics by 2023.

Baby Holland about to get the full Paperclip treatment
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