It was late 2015 when co-founder, AJ Buckley, took his 4-month old daughter to lunch for the first time without “adult supervision” — meaning his wife, Abby. Ten minutes from the restaurant, the trouble began. A familiar odor emanating from the seat behind him told that he needed to get the nearest restroom — and fast. 

AJ made it to the restaurant and rushed straight to the restroom only to find that there was no changing station. Yikes. Willow had made a serious dookie known as ‘back poop” (watch our founder’s video for more on that). After a quick conversation with a less-than-sympathetic hostess, AJ went back to the restroom, removed his shirt, laid his daughter on it and proceeded to change Willow on the floor of a restroom in well-known West Hollywood taco joint (we will not name names). 

As he wiped away the tears of his presumed failure as a father, AJ knew there had to be a better way. Grabbing a napkin, he quickly sketched out an idea for a diaper bag with an integrated changing station. Immediately after, he called his best friend and fellow dad, Artie Baxter, and tried to explain his idea through lingering sniffles and building enthusiasm. Artie could hardly understand what AJ was talking about, but hearing his friend’s excitement, he was totally on board.

Now, almost fourteen prototypes later, the Paperclip brand is coming to market with two amazing diaper bags created by dads for dads — and moms — who are we kidding? That's because our diaper bags were designed to provide a safe and sanitary environment to change their children almost anywhere, while not sacrificing their own personal style. Bottom line, our bags will look amazing on mom or dad's shoulder.

From the reception we've received at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year, we knew that we truly had a game-‘changing’ (see what we did there?) answer to the oft-forgotten and generally forgettable diaper bag.

AJ Buckley is a co-founder of Paperclip, accomplished actor and father to Willow. AJ was born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada before becoming a series regular on the hit series CSI: NY, as lovable lab geek, Adam Ross.


AJ has made many appearances on high profile shows over the past few years including Supernatural, Murder in The First, the Netflix original series Narcos, and FX's drama series Justified. On the lighter side, AJ voiced a lead role alongside Sam Elliot and Anna Paquin as “Nash”, the T-Rex, in Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.

Artie Baxter is a co-founder of Paperclip and father to “The Bear.” After graduating from ASU, he moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to follow his passion for acting. His success in the entertainment industry opened up several opportunities in real estate, restaurants, e-commerce, and now baby bags. Artie is a highly respected entrepreneur, friend and husband, but above all else, he is a deeply devoted father to his son Bear. 

A little background on the company, our founders and how our game-changing diaper bags came to be. Our lightbulb moment came thanks to the lack of changing stations in public restrooms. Who'da thought?

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